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Make this the summer for a Canoeing Adventure in Northern Michigan

Canoeing or kayaking on the Jordan River is an unforgettable experience for all ages. Nestled in the Jordan Valley, this wilderness river offers fantastic scenery, lots of wildlife and pristine, crystal clear water. 

The river is also considered one of the top trout fishing streams in the state of Michigan.  It was the first river in Michigan to be Federally designated as a wild and scenic river. The water is crystal clear and cold. The average depth is 2-4 feet as it meanders through the Jordan Valley and offers numerous places to pull up and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Swiss Hideaway Canoe & Kayak Livery is located on Graves Crossing Road, has over 35 years of experience on the Jordan River and offers trips for all levels of experience and all ages. Trips run from 1-4 hours in length and averages 3-4 hours between Graves Crossing Road and the Rogers Bridge.  Car spotting is also available for those that bring their own canoes or kayaks. The first part of the trip, (approximately one hour) is a bit more challenging. The current is swifter and the river is narrower. This will depend on seasonal conditions and recent rain fall. In other words, some steering is required. The crew at Swiss Hideaway will advise you of conditions and put you in down river where you may find it more suitable to your skill level or sense of adventure.River Tubers (Bear attacks are also much less likely...just kidding about the bears. They will be much more interested in the nearby campers.)

It's A Family Fun Adventure

Put away the cell phones and I-pods and introduce your family to three or four hours of a day they'll remember for the rest of their lives. This is one time you may find something the whole family will enjoy doing together....and of course you're invited to come back again and again. Of all the things you'll be doing in Northern Michigan, this is sure to be one of your favorite. Be sure someone in your group brings their camera. (Their waterproof camera that is.)

Why Not Make it a Party?

Canoeing, kayaking or tubing is a great idea for a birthday party, a family or class reunion. How about generating some team spirit by getting your school athletic team together forKayaking on the Jordan River a summer outing. It'll be great exercise and a team building event to get the fall sports season off to a good positive start. It will be a great experience for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cubs too. Of course, it could be a guy thing too...while the ladies are doing the thing they like to do best...and the guys not so much.

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